Adventure Park in the Trees

Aventure et sensation

For adventurers and acrobats searching for a fun activity in a well preserved environment, the adventure park is ideal, starting from the age of 3.

The park has 7 courses with increasing difficulty (yellow, green, bleu, orange , red, black and ultra black), including about 70 games (bridges, tarzan ropes, climbing nets, zip wires…), enabling you to climb up to 12m high for the most

reckless! The Espace Hermeline also has an activity for younger children, from 3 years old and a 0.90 meters high, which enables them to discover new sensations on a unique course in the Limousin, the “white practice”. It is an ideal course for holiday camps or nursery schools.

Demanding little or no technique, this activity gives you an original access to the woodland. It enables you to discover the trees and their environment in a new way. It’s the ideal way of bringing together a fun activity and a natural environment.

Safety rulls :

Restrictions may apply based on age and height. Present yourself at the reception of the activity in correct clothes to practice safely : no t-shirts too short, long hair tied, shoes closed. Anyone who appears in flip flops, sneakers or barefoot, will be denied access.

Any person or group arriving late from the activity will be denied access out of respect for other practitioners.



The entry ticket for the park gives you access to all the courses (respecting the conditions of access to the courses) except the big zip wire (Méga Tyrolienne) for which you must pay extra. To enter the park you must accept the terms and conditions.

You have a limited time of 2h30.

Individual (less than 10 people)

From 3 years old (white practice): 9€

From 5/6 years old: 12€

From 7-8 years old: 15€

From 12 years old : 17€

From 14 years old: 19€




Promotional advantages (prices depending on the age)

PASS AVENTURE (Adventure Park + Méga Tyrolienne): normal park price + 3 € (instead of 5€)



Low season : from April 1st to June 30th and from September 3rd to November 4 th 2018 : week-ends, bank holidays and school: from 1.30pm to 6.30pm (we advise you book in advance)

High season: from July 1st to September 2sd : every day from 1pm to 8pm.


The staff:

All the operators are available to welcome you, equip, accompany and guide you on the various courses. They all have the diploma CQP OPAH (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle Opérateur de Parcours Acrobatique en Hauteur).

This diploma guarantees your safety and is the proof of a total commitment from the Epace Hermeline in the search for the best quality staff.

The organization:

As you arrive, our operators welcome and equip you. Then, you are brought to the briefing zone where one of our operators will talk you through and demonstrate the safety rules which you must respect in order to go on the courses.

You will then go to the practice zone where the operator will check if all the safety rules have been assimilated. Once this stage is passed, you may start the courses.


Du 15 Avril au 30 Juin et du 1er septembre au 1er Octobre, les week-ends, jours fériés, ponts et vacances scolaires zone A . En dehors de ces périodes, sur réservation uniquement pour les groupes.

De 13:30 à 18:30

Du 1er Juillet au 31 Août, tous les jours.

De 13:00 à 20:00