Nature découverte et évasion


The vast Périgord-Limousin has many facets. We discover it through its landscape features : the Limousin grove, the massif of Feuillardiers, the plateaux Jumilhacois and valleys of the Isle or the Perigord valleys. In this territory labeled Regional Natural Park follow a mosaic of landscapes, backgrounds, colors, natural and heritage sites.

At the reception of the Espace Hermeline, a digital terminal lists the major tourist offer of Périgord-Limousin territory. The Park has wanted to hilight some its particularities, by going in the former wagon of the post office (from the velorail), you will find a scenography dedicated to outdoor activities. It consists of three atmospheres that present the activities to be done on land, in the air, and on/in the water, for the visitor who discovers our territory.

This discovery is done through panels, windows, multimedia elements that constitute the natural environment ot the Park.

Du 15 Avril au 30 Juin et du 1er septembre au 1er Octobre, les week-ends, jours fériés, ponts et vacances scolaires zone A . En dehors de ces périodes, sur réservation uniquement pour les groupes.

De 14:00 à 18:30

Du 1er Juillet au 31 Août, tous les jours.

De 11:00 à 18:30