With over 1400 inhabitants, the commune of Bussière-Galant has all the necessary shops, artisans and medical services. History has spread it over three villages.

Le Bourg (the town) was developed around the 12th century. It benefits from the touristic development of the Espace Hermeline, which has over 20 hectares of land and can offer many activities for people of all ages (over 35 000 visitors each year): swimming, mini-golf, fishing, sport fields, walking paths, a playground, adventure park in the trees (Go Ape), a big zip wire, a mini train, and finally the velorail, which preserves our memory of the railway in this commune.

La Gare (the station) built in 1860, during the construction of the railway track between Limoges and Périgueux, hasbecome an important crossroad between Saillat (in 1880) and St Yrieix (in 1905). It enabled the economic development linked with agriculture and the exploitation of chestnut trees, the traditional production of “Feuillards” (barrels) exported to Bordeaux. With about 50% of the commune covered in forests, many businesses still use this wood: to make floorboards, paneling, fences, posts…

Finally, the village of St Nicolas Courbefy, a commune associated with Bussière-Galant since 1972, with Courbefy being the highest point in the Parc Naturel Régional Périgod-Limousin at 557m high. A chapel and the ruins of a medieval fort are the evidence of the rich past this site has. Three good fountains remain the object of votive practices.